Shri M. RajendiranIn 1991, under the leadership of Shri M. Rajendiran, our founder, Sunfab began operations at its Plant 1 premises, in Athipet. It was a location experiencing the robust Indian industrialization. And Sunfab was amongst the first of the organizations to open a manufacturing unit there.

Plant 1 has a well-planned area covering about 20,000 square feet and an excellent set of machines. It was setup to meet the needs of growing automotive industry. With modernizations and upgrades, the plant is still a leader in its operations.

That Mr. Karthik Rajendiran, who became the Managing Director, completed his MS in Mechanical Engineering at Wayne State University, in Detroit is only incidental. And he brought along his energy and dynamism into the organization, in 2003.

Mr. Karthcik RajendiranIn 2004, Sunfab started its expansion and planned for Plant 2, in Ambattur Industrial Estate. This Ambattur unit is a highly automated plant with 35,000 square feet area, a Press Shop, Fabrication Center and a Tool Room. And by 2006, it became operational, catering to the demand of the higher tonnage pressing.

In 2006, Sunfab installed a 1250 Hydraulic Press, two 600T Presses and one 500T Press.

Since 2011, Sunfab has been moving towards Robotization of its process. Today, Five MIG welding robots, a VMC machine and a Spot welding robot have been installed and are running successfully.

SUNFAB is ISO 9001:2008 and TS 16949 Certified.

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Financial rating: FITCH RATING: BB STABLE -2014 -LT, A4+-ST- Investment Grade.