With 15 machines in the welding line to fabricate components into assemblies and sub-assemblies, Sunfab specializes in the welding process. While all our welding machines are the proven equipment for automated and mechanized welding, ESAB’s Auto K 400, ABB Robots for Spot and MIG Welding Machine and Inverter type MIG Welding Machines, we use Special Purpose Machines to perform linear, axial and orbital welding. And to achieve the best output in weld quality and finish, we adopt Argo Shield welding.

Use of top notch ideas and technologies in fixturing and work-holding techniques to minimize the use of manual labor and thereby the overall production time has led to Sunfab achieving outstanding production performance.

Radial Drilling

Toughest jobs are done with high accuracy at Sunfab with the use of high precision Radial Drilling machines. Its application includes drilling on heavy fabrication components for tractors, truck and truck trailers.


Specializing in heavy pressing and deep drawing, we do a variety of pressing works. We have excellent Mechanical and Hydraulic presses of all capacities. All these are well maintained and properly utilized ensuring optimal output and maximum quality. Advanced tube forming techniques are employed in higher sections of rectangular tubes.

Anti-vibration mounts have been installed in all presses and heavy machinery to improve the machine and tool life and provide a better working environment for the operators.


We, with our excellent too designing facility, design and make tools for manufacturing all components. Sunfab uses the best designing software programs in ProE, Solid Edge and AutoCAD R 2004 to create tool designs. About 98% of all tools are self-manufactured and have been specially optimized to minimize the number of stages and the use of tools. We are pioneers and have been mastering the art of making tools for Heavy Blanking and Heavy Pressing operation. It would involve Mild Steel up to 40 mm thickness.


Wide range of machinery and skills are employed to perform fabrication of components into assemblies and sub-assemblies. Excellent weld strength, low spattering, high penetration and highest quality are achieved with MIG welding, using Agro-shield gas mixture. Projection welding is available up to 20 KVA. Special Purpose Machines to perform linear welding, rotary welding and profile welding semi-automation have been developed particularly for achieving amazing finish quality and creating an aesthetic appeal to the welded assemblies.

Conveyorised Painting Booth

A fully conveyorized painting booth, designed for compactness and efficiency, has been installed at Sunfab’s Plant 2. It can manage temperatures as high as 180 C, to bake the paint, and accommodates additional Powder Coating Equipment, when required. The booth can also handle components weighing from a few hundred grams up to 55 kilograms.


Special primers and paints are used to paint the components as per the Sunfab’s customer’s specifications. A fully conveyorized painting booth delivers painted components after baking the paint.

The conveyorized painting booth and special primers and paints are used to deliver components according to the customers’ specification, after baking.


Apart from all these things, Sunfab also indulges in the following activities at both our plants:

  • Gas Cutting
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Tube-bending
  • Surface Grinder
  • Milling
  • Blanking, forming Draw & Assembly
  • Shearing

Financial rating: FITCH RATING: BB STABLE -2014 -LT, A4+-ST- Investment Grade.