Sunfab began its operations at Unit 1 in Athipet, in 1991, when the locality was experiencing growth and industrialization. Covering over a 20,000 sq.ft., the plant houses presses from 32 tons to 630 tons in a well planned layout to take care of the growing needs of the Indian automotive & manufacturing industry.

Various operations including cold pressing, hot pressing, drilling, milling, gas cutting, plasma cutting, welding, painting, shearing, blanking, forming, draw and assembly are performed at this unit.

Machines ranging from presses and welding machines to converyorised Primer/Painting booths have been installed for efficient word flow. To ensure ceaseless production, a 200 KVA Caterpillar Generator has been installed..


SWR 1330

An NC shearing machine, the SWR 1330 can handle steel plates of 13mm thickness and 3m length while surpassing the target tolerance.

SWR 425

SWR 425 is also a shearing machine. It handles steel plates of 4mm thickness and 2.5mm length. It maintains a very close tolerance in the shearing of special coated-steels, which are used in the car industry and the manufacture of appliances.


630 Ton Hydraulic Press

BEMCO’s 630 T Hydraulic Press is a powerful machine handling a heavy range of pressing needs. It is suitable for all the pressing and drawing operations in large sized sheets. Draw and press parts for cars, trucks, trailers, buses and tractors are handled by the machine. With the help of a various tools, the machine presses steel sheets of thickness ranging from 0.7mm to 8mm. Special hot forming process of plates of thickness 40mm and tube bending are also possible with this machine.

315 Ton Hydraulic Press

315 T hydraulic press from BEMCO handles the medium and heavy pressing needs. This machine is suitable for all the pressing and draw operations in mid-sized sheets. Varied range of tools for pressing steel sheets of thickness 1.2mm to 10mm is handled by this machine

100 Ton Hydraulic Presses

The two 100 T Hydraulic Presses from BEMCO satiate the medium and heavy pressing needs. It is suitable for all the pressing and draw operations in mid size sheets. It uses a varied range of tools to press steel sheets of thickness between 1.2mm and 16 mm.

40 Ton Hydraulic Presses

The BEMCO 40 T Hydraulic Press of SUNFAB handles the light pressing and smaller drawing needs. This machine is suitable for all the light pressing and drawing operations in small size sheets and bushing parts.


63 Ton Mechanical Presses

The two SX 63 T Mechanical Presses of SUNFAB handle medium and small blanking, pressing and piercing needs. This is a robust machine suitable for all mid size sheets. Some of the parts handled by the machine are deep draw parts, press and pierced parts for Air Conditioners, Mini Trucks, Truck Trailers and Tractors. Varied range of tools for pressing sheets of thickness of 0.7 mm to steel plates of 8 mm is handled by this machine.

32 Ton Mechanical Press

The SX 32 ton Mechanical Press is a compact and powerful single column press with eccentric efficiency and output quality. It is suitable for mid-size sheets of thickness 0.7mm to 5mm, medium and small blanking, pressing and piercing. It even handles deep draw parts, press and pierced parts for air conditioners, mini trucks and tractors.


ESAB Auto K 400 MIG Welding Machines

Fifteen ESAB Auto K 400 MIG Welding Machines have been installed to cater to the milling, drilling and welding demands that we face from our customers, increasingly.


200KVA Caterpillar Generator

200KVA Caterpillar Generator has been installed at the Unit to ensure ceaseless flow of work, amid the intrusive power cuts that plague the production of most industries.

Sunfab’s Unit 2 is located the prime area of Ambattur Industrial Estate, which Polymer and clothing industries to Software companies, it houses a wide range of industries. This 3-tier building setup comprises of presses ranging from 50 to 120 tons, cranes, MIG welding mahcines, Die cart, Fork-Lifters, Digital verniers and Measurement systems. It also houses Metrology Center, Training Center and the Design Center

This Unit has a 320 KVA Caterpillar diesel generator installed to ensure maximum productivity.


1250 Ton Hydraulic Press

This is a high performance stamping press that suits high-end needs with a massive, moving bolster extending about 3.0m x 1.8m.


600 Ton Mechanical press

The two 500 ton British Clearing Mechanical Presses have a large bed-size of 3.6m x 2.1m. They are primarily capable of handling stamping tools of the automotive industry and have been an important addition to our machinery line.

500 Ton Mechanical Press

The Wilkins & Mitchell 500 ton press has a large bed size of 3.6m x 2.1m. The 600 and 500 ton presses can also be engaged with auto job-unloading mechanisms to improve efficiency and the effectiveness of the work done and improve the quality of the output.

300 Ton Mechanical Press

The SNC 300D Mechanical Press of Sunfab ensures the durability of mold and accuracy of work piece and it is capable of handling variety of press tools.

200 Ton Mechanical Presses - 2 Nos

The two SNC 200 T Mechanical presses are where dynamic accuracy is exceptionally improved. It can handle clanking, pressing and piercing needs with a variety of tools.


ABB Robots for Spot and MIG Welding Machine

VMC Milling, Drilling, Surface Grinder, Inverter type MIG Welding Machines


Angle boring Machine

Two-way boring machine


Die Cart

3 & 5 Tons Fork-Lifters

12 Tons Imported (UK) Street Crane


Digital Verniers and Measurement Systems


320KVA Caterpillar diesel generator

Financial rating: FITCH RATING: BB STABLE -2014 -LT, A4+-ST- Investment Grade.