Sunfab’s primary clients are and have been automotive and domestic appliance industries. We are working to provide their needs. In that process, we have sustained and developed. We have catered to our clients some of the integral components in their products. We showcase a few of these here.

Bracket Assembly Brake & Clutch

An integral part of Mahindra & Mahindra’s LCVs (Light Commuter Vehicles), We have made them as per the design specification from Nissan Motor Company, Japan.

Shock Absorber & Stabilizer Brackets

Axles India, a joint venture of Wheels India and Dana Holding Corporation, USA, gets it shock absorber only from us. We have made this export model component as per the design specifications from Dana Holding Corporation, USA

Trailer Parts

Sub-assembly corrugated plates, fifth wheel couplers and their associated parts.

PTO cap

This is a product we are proud of, for we completed its drawing in just 6 draw operations. This export model component is made as per the specifications from Massey Ferguson, Coventry. We are the single source supplier of this deep draw component too.

Platform Assembly

We supply the three models of Platform Assembly components to Tractors and Farm Equipments Limited (TAFE ltd.).

ROPS Assembly

TAFE has many tractor models that are fitted with Roll Over Protection Systems (ROPS).

This is a heavy fabrication assembly, made out of High Strength Steel Tubes and are exported globally.

Bulk Head Assembly

For TAFE’s tractors of wide HP range, we supply the Bulk Head Assembly.

For Heavy and Light Commercial Vehicles we supply the following parts as well ;

Engine Extension Member

Shock absorber bracket

Engine Mounting Brackets

Rear Spring Bracket

Cross Member Upper

Cross Member Lower

Financial rating: FITCH RATING: BB STABLE -2014 -LT, A4+-ST- Investment Grade.